I started this blog because I did not want my book to be the end of the conversation nor did I want it to be a one sided conversation.  I welcome reader’s questions, comments, personal experiences, and yes, if you promise not to be too mean about it – your criticisms too.  I hope to make it clear throughout my website that this website in no way takes the place of counseling, therapy or professional help.  I am not a professional – I am experienced…at being a Mom to adoptive children… and most moments, I love it!

My husband and I have adopted 7 children from the foster care system, two children privately, two children from an adoption disruption and two children through an independent international adoption.  That is 13 children altogether but we have only had, at most, 8 children in the home at a time.  The youngest child we have adopted was newborn, and the oldest child was age 16.  (When I use the word ‘adoption’, I am referring to the date they walked through our door, not the date the documents were finalized in court for legalization.)

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