We all have scars from life – some deeper than others – some more visible than others – some unspeakable – we all have obstacles to overcome.  That’s part of what life is all about.  Phoenix Bound is my life in a book.  I can now put it on a shelf.  I don’t have to relive it or obsess over it or remember it.  Obviously, I couldn’t put everything in one book but I certainly tried.  Phoenix Bound concentrates on raising our adopted and traumatized children.

PHOENIX BOUND:  A Phoenix is a mythical bird that is known to be rising from the ashes.  In the same way, my husband and I are rising from the ashes of destruction, condemnation, humiliation, persecution and an unexpected move.  DOUBLE MEANING:  Phoenix also refers to Phoenix, Arizona, where our family found our new home, an environment more conducive to raising a family.  The subtitle explains more of what the book is about:  An Adoptive Mom of 13 Shares Her Struggle Raising Traumatized Children.

A SIDE NOTE:  We had to change our names in the book for privacy and protection.  The rest of the book is truthful, as I see it.  It was written from my point of view, the adoptive mom of 13.

Are you Phoenix Bound?

We are.

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