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Love Wins

From poverty, to an orphanage, to a fulfilling adoptive family, Christopher Ategeka talks about his transformation after he brings back to the orphanage, a Visa to America. He explains, in his humorous and honest way, what it was like to come to America, a country so different from where he came from in Uganda. He goes on to talk about how strangers took him in and showed him how much they cared about him. Learning a new language, learning how to use American appliances, and adapting to his new life was not easy for Christopher or his new family, but he looks at the beautifully human side of adoption. His story is endearing and real, and he talks about how this opportunity to come to America changed his life for the better. He challenges us all to help a young child experience multi-culturism.

There is hope

My dream has always been to advocate for and adopt older foster children and to improve the foster and adoptive care system. I wanted every child waiting to be reunited with their family or waiting to be adopted by their forever family, that someone cared about their past, their present and their future dreams. My husband and I have adopted seven of our thirteen children from the foster care system and would have adopted more, if it had worked out to do so. In this video, CCSI invites Rachel Crow, an adoptee, to speak as she is fighting for adopted children and children waiting in the foster care system. She believes that all children in foster care have the potential to be extraordinary and do extraordinary things and that there are no limits. Are you willing to fight with her? She challenges us to recognize the need because “People don’t make the change when it doesn’t affect them.” I agree. That is why I wrote my book, PHOENIX BOUND, so that my story would inspire others to see the need and to make a change.

Are You Kidding Me?

This video explains the need for foster and adoptive families. It does not address the struggles that these families have, but the numbers are staggering. These statistics will blow you away. Of course, numbers and statistics change all the time but one fact remains, and that is changes need to take place for our children to grow up knowing that they are loved dearly. It’s a short video but well worth your time and attention. Graphs, numbers and percentages speak a thousand words.


Why did we choose to adopt? When did we make such a weighted decision? Why did I write a book? How can my book help you? This video will answer all of these questions and more. Enjoy and share.

It’s Time To Take RAD Seriously

It’s time to take Reactive Attachment Disorder (now called DTD, Developmental Trauma Disorder) seriously. RAD disrupts families and destroys relationships in the adoption world all to often. Professionals do not recognize the manipulation and often sides with the child. If everyone around us would act as a team it would ultimately help the child. We need a trauma-informed village to raise these children. We must not give up on them, like they’ve given up on themselves.


It is all too common for Adoptive Parents to find themselves alone, frustrated, confused and angry. Finding professionals with the education and understanding of typical adoptive issues can be a great challenge. This video addresses that need and so much more.

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